Our Promise

Our goal is to build unique web sites for VERY small enterprises – business or personal – at a VERY affordable price. We provide professional cost-effective solutions for small projects.  We are education motivated and often work pro bono for a token fee.

iXoraWeb Specializes in Small Sites

We  believe we can provide quality web sites at very reasonable prices for small enterprises: a local family business, a home business or hobby, a local club or church, a personal site for some individual purpose.

If you are a large corporation, a state or national organization,
or want a large web site with lots of flash and trash, we are not for you.

Building Sites Since 2002
iXoraWeb began as a private one-client endeavor back in October, 2002 and began accepting additional projects in June, 2008. An informal association with webmaster F. Brown led to an official merger in July, 2011 and the company built several sites under the name iXoraBrown.   iXoraBrown was dual-based in Sarasota, Florida, and Cabot, Vermont, where our business manager and webmasters resided.

Currently,  the company is again operating exclusively out of Sarasota, FL under the name iXoraWeb. IxoraWeb funds a mobile web apps project: Ms Math Master that builds android apps with web technologies.