We Specialize in MAKEOVERS

Perhaps you already own a small web site but are disappointed in the outcome. Some design companies do not give small projects much attention. Or maybe the site was built by somebody’s “cousin”. We can make-over your site into a little jewel.

“Wow. This is beautiful. The pastels on the old site were terrible, I love your choice of color. I am still a little stunned at how good this looks overall.” client, on seeing the prototype for the first time

The Lake Parker Association web site gives an insight into a recent transformation. The original site was built with outdated code-generator software, the colors were garish, and cartoon-like logos were fixed on the header image. The make-over is built on the WordPress platform, the number one data-based CMS currently in use.  The color palette has muted “nature” shades, the layout is two-column with left sidebar which contains important info and lead-ins to current articles.


The original “About Us” was short on content and the “text” was actually a graphic rather than content rendered through the html code.  In the make-over, “About Us” is rich in details about the Association and displays two maps of the lake.  The page also has three sub-pages that adds history, and lists of what the association members do.


The original site offered “Resource Links” haphazardly listed on the page with a hodge-podge of agency logos. The make-over controls the links through a WP function that organizes and displays them. The make-over also presents the ‘Newsletters” in an attractive display. Both pages are easy to update.



In addition to upgrading the design and preserving the original header and content, iXora added a calendar, forum, sell/buy/rent ability, contact form, photo gallery, feature header on each main menu item, and a sitemap. Every page is mobile and print friendly.


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